How can I support your business?

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of
admin you need to do? Is the stress of this keeping
you from focusing ON your business?

Partnering with a virtual assistant enables you to focus ON your business and frees you up to do what you love. I look after all those pesky admin tasks, such as proofreading, creating and amending documents, database management, reporting, desktop research. I will work with you to streamline your business systems and processes. I will act as your PA, looking after your inbox and diary, setting appointments, travel arrangements, expenses admin, dealing with any enquiries, etc. Have a look at my  Services  for more detail.

What I love and do best is use my 20+ years of knowledge and experience as a business administrator/project manager to make my clients’ businesses run more smoothly. I love helping people!

If you think your business could do with a touch of German efficiency, please Get in touch for a no obligation chat.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?


A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides support services to other businesses from a remote location often using cloud-based tools, either for a one-off project, short or long-term support. Businesses use VAs when they need support but don’t want to employ a full or part-time employee. This enables them to keep overheads low, as there is no office space or hardware required, no holiday pay, PAYE, sick pay, HR, etc. Businesses only pay for the resourcing they need when contracting a VA, making it a very cost-effective and flexible option for your business.

As VAs are based remotely, they can support businesses anywhere. I am based in New Zealand but support businesses all over the world and am used to working across different time zones.