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Providing the best remote support to your business.

Little Heart VA will enhance your productivity, reduce workload and stress, while saving time and costs for your business.

Working with Little Heart VA is like discovering more hours in your day.

Time you can spend focusing on your business, your family and yourself. With minimal onboarding, our highly-organised team will take over and manage all those pesky admin tasks, streamlining your process and freeing you up to do what you love.

Freddie Humphrey - Founder, Little Heart VA

Why Little Heart VA?

I Really Care

I bring the same ethos to all of my clients - Your success is my success.

Global Reach With Local Focus

I support businesses globally, working across time zones and datelines.

I'm Experienced

I have decades of experience across multiple industries and countries.

What can Little Heart VA do for you?

Personal Assistance

From managing your inbox through to to-do list management and beyond, you can be sure you're in safe hands.


Data entry, reporting as well as financial admin are just some of the tasks I can help with.

Project Management

Project scoping and planning are all part of what I offer, as well as stakeholder management and much, much more.

Content and Comms

Content is king they say, so why not let me manage these royal tasks? Newsletter creation and management are just the start.

"She made a huge difference to the organisation - and her impact is still felt today."

Simon MacKenzie
- Bridge Partnership

"She has amazing 
attention to detail, great follow up and output management."

Debbie Martindale
- Martindale Consulting

"Her approach
is flexible and practical
whilst still delivering on detail."

Tim Capill
- Stanley Healthcare

Overwhelmed by admin?

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) provides support services to other businesses from a remote location often using cloud-based tools, either for a one-off project, short or long-term support. Businesses use VAs when they need support but don’t want to employ a full or part-time employee. This enables them to keep overheads low, as there is no office space or hardware required, no holiday pay, PAYE, sick pay, HR, etc. Businesses only pay for the resourcing they need when contracting a VA, making it a very cost-effective and flexible option for your business.

​As VAs are based remotely, they can support businesses anywhere. I am based in New Zealand but support businesses all over the world and am used to working across different time zones.

So focused on details that you've lost sight of the big picture?

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